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Lesson plan english 6 - Unit 1: GREETINGS


Hello-Introducing, Meeting People and Exchanging Greetings
1. Word study: - Hello/Hi. - How are you? - I am fine, thanks. - How are you? - Very good!
2.Study the following sentences:
2.1. Formal: Good morning, my name is Natasha Rai. - Pleased to meet you Ms. Natasha. I am John Dsouza.
2.2. Informal: - Hi, I'm Natasha. - Pleased to meet you, I'm Sanjay.
2.1. Formal: - Good afternoon, Mother. - Good evening, Uncle Ramesh. - Good to see you again. - Good to see you too.
2.2. Informal: Hi Mom. - Hi, Ramesh Uncle. - How are you? - I'm fine, thank you.
3. Greeting according to the time:
3.1. Before 12:00 noon we say "Good morning" - Good morning, Mr Ramesh. - Good morning, Rashmi.
3.2. After 12:00 noon we say "Good afternoon" - Good afternoon, Ms. Sheela. - Good afternoon, Sir/Madam.
3.3. After 4:00pm we say "Good evening" - Good evening Madam. - Good evening, Amit.
3.4. Before we take a leave in the evening we say "Good night" - Good night Uncle. - Good night Sam.


Mat Noh is a fisherman. Every morning, he leaves his house at four o'clock to go out to sea. He and his friends set out in their fishing boats. They take their fishing nets with them. They often return to shore at seven o'clock. Many people wait for the fishermen at the beach. These people want to buy fresh fish. Mat Noh always sells his catch to Mark. Mark takes the fish to the nearby market. He sells the fish to the housewives and makes some money.

Lesson plan

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